The company was founded in 1991. It manufactured products made of methacrylate with inlaid fabric both used alone or with valuable materials. It got immediately successful thanks to the originality of the selected decors and to its sober, elegant style. Later on it developed collections closer to furnishing objects, becoming one of the protagonists of home interiors decoration.

Always careful to find out and interpret market trends, every year the company creates new collections employing different, valuable materials that are combined and mixed for surprising, unusual solutions.

Fine porcelain, shocking enamels, saturated colors, gold and total white, ultra-transparent or colored crystal, silk, bright metals, soft poufs and unusual material effects.

Objects that furnish your house, with refined shapes, interpretations of matter and color, that materialize in different styles, creating new, cosmopolitan interior scenographies.

This is L’Oca Nera’s living in elegance.


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