Rattan Revival: 5 ideas for twines that decorate

In agreement with the Boho Chic trend, here are some ideas to decorate your house with Rattan, the vegetal fibre which is conquering interior designers.

Rattan is a vegetal fibre which is weaved to create versatile, light furnishing objects; ideal for outdoor – chairs, chaises longues, tables for verandas and winter gardens - it has currently acquired fame for indoor use, in agreement with the Boho Chic trend, the bohemian elegance that fills a room with charm, without adding weight to it. Its neutral colour makes it suitable to lots of housing styles, because it fits both the most minimal, Nordic interiors and any luxurious Ethno settings. Together with rattan, wicker (i.e. the dried and weaved cane core) is another fibre that is suitable to pieces of furniture and housewares.


The trend of weaved natural fibres needs to be rediscovered for the objects of all your rooms: they can be used in the living room, in your toilet, in the children’s bedroom or in the kitchen. We have found some products in HOME 2020 Collection by L’Oca Nera to redecorate your house with rattan and wicker.

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Lamps and lanterns for timeless lighting

When used for shades, these fibres are so flexible and they have such impalpable twines they can change floor lamps, table lamps or pendant lamps – when lit – in clouds of light. With their trembling plays of light and dark, the lanterns candle holders recreate the magic of a night around the fire at the beach.


Original baskets where functionality and nice look are weaved together

Wherever they are employed, baskets are useful. Spacious, elegant but never overly ambitious, they solve all storage problems. Choose and use the baskets as pot cover: they will embellish your plants with their neutral tones and natural texture. When hung on the walls instead of shelters, they can contain towels, dresses, books and toys.



Neo-colonial curves and ideas for seats and table tops

The embracing, curvy lines of rattan seats are the typical feature of chairs and armchairs of Ethno Chic collection, which are strong yet light and versatile. To renew your living room, you just need a corner with cushions and short seats, combined with a nice luxuriant plant and a soft carpet: your room will recall the East.


A poetic nursery

Cradles used to be made of wicker and although nowadays a more solid, usually wooden structure is usually employed and chosen, weaved fibres provide a vintage touch with other furnishing objects, like a basket or a pouf.



Plants, flowers and natural fibres for an evergreen style

You don’t necessarily need to have a green thumb to be able to change your flat into a verdant heavenly corner. For a low maintenance Urban Jungle, you can count on the wonderful artificial plants by L’Oca Nera. Cactuses of various sizes and with various shapes, wonderful artificial flowers can be used with paintings with vegetal subjects to provide the perfect scene for pieces of furniture made of natural fibres.