Trends for the next season

Here I want to speak to you about the way to make your house more comfortable and relaxing, especially in the current season: Autumn-Winter. 

Never like this year have we been so deeply connected with our house, thoroughly living its spaces for a lot of hours every day, exploiting its potentialities and understanding its limits and defects. Here I want to speak to you about the way to make your house more comfortable and relaxing, especially in the current season: Autumn-Winter. In this period, our house becomes a shelter, a warm place where to rest and find some refreshment, for example by having a cup of hot tea when it gets colder outside. This is why I want to give you some suggestions to make your interiors even cosier, more comfortable.



Bright colours and pastel tones are replaced by all the colours of the earth, which are warmer, more enchanting, and which we can also find in the landscape that surrounds us: from brown to beige, and to stronger tones like orange or caramel. Be also inspired by the shades of the spices, like saffron or curcuma. These are perfect nuances for the current season: an elegant palette which perfectly fits every interior! For example, try to make your living room look warmer and cosier simply by changing the lining of the cushions on your sofa, by replacing fresh flowers with dried ones, by using perfumed candles: you will get a mix of relaxing perfumes and colours. If you have wooden objects, highlight wood through a neutral yet warm nuance, like light grey or intense beige. If you love colour, choose a stronger shade, like olive grey, mustard colour, or burgundy ( these three colours are also perfect if used all together).




The textiles, fabrics and yarns of our decorative objects change with the change of season. Colours are not the only ones to warm a room, materials can make the difference, too: for sure, a beautiful wool knit blanket or velvet surely look warmer than cotton or linen. Tartan patterns are still a must have for Autumn-Winter season, both in their classic version with red background and in all its other beautiful releases. Even when used alone, velvet makes the room much more elegant and cosier. I think it is perfect for the chairs of the dining room but you can also use it for covering your poufs. It is very soft to touch and very beautiful to look at.




I also recommend you to bring nature at home, not only through furnishing plants. Use printings and paintings which reproduce landscapes, either in classic or modern ways, to provide colour and to create atmosphere. Wall paper is fashionable, again: you can characterise a white or naked wall simply by using a wall paper with floral or tropical motives (suitable all year long), perfect also when employed on the back of a piece of furniture or to personalise your hall. If you don’t want to be bound by wall paper, simply use a warm colour that you like to frame a space or characterise a room: you need a little to make your house more unique and comfortable. Cold weather is coming, this is the right time to dress your house with colours and fabrics which will give you a warm shelter where you will look forward to spending some time!


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