Interior design vibrates with colours: here are the trends of 2021

Here is an overview of the new 2021 trends for interior design.

If the year 2020 forced us to be at home more than ever before– and our simple dwellings gradually changed into offices, gourmet restaurants, experimental and standard cinemas, playgrounds – we have remembered how cosy, versatile and faithful to our tastes our house must be. But you know, every now and then it is nice to change, and a new breath of colour in our house can be a real revolution, even for those of us who do not plan to move or to spend a lot of money to renew interiors and furniture.

Here is an overview of the new trends for interior design.


Ultimate Gray and Illuminating: a combo signed by Pantone

The 2021 anticipations made by the Pantone Colour Institute – the maximum authority as far as colours are concerned – are a combination of neutral, relaxing tones and funnier, stronger ones, like sparks of good mood that are surely welcome in these days. The two leaders of this year are Ultimate Gray – a cold grey which honours the neutral palettes of stones and minerals and which becomes an invitation to resilience – and Illuminating – a very energizing yellow which is a statement of optimism and courage, from a chromatic point of view of course. They are very good when used together. Yellow is generally always okay: its softer nuances are used as neutral basis or counterpoints to strong blue colours, while ochre and mustard inserts are perfect to be combined with the colours of the earth.

Classic returns and Spring vibrations

The other proposals recommended by the Pantone Colour Institute for 2021 are Cerulean blue – the colour of the sky – or French blue – a thrilling blue, as thrilling as Paris in Spring – Marigold –orange with golden shades – Rust – which recalls Autumn tones – two nuances of peppermint green, Green Ash and Mint, and then Coral, Raspberry, Amethyst Violet like an orchid. Among the more classic colours we can find the butter-ivory of Buttercream, the very dark blue which verges into black of Inkwell, the sand colour tending to apricot of Desert Mist and Willow, a full, very elegant green.


Al Aqua: when tech is inspired by nature

Complying with colour trends with positive vibrations and with Neo-Mint success, WGSN forecasting international company focuses on Al Aqua, a turquoise-aqua green with tech inspirations; it’s dynamic, sporty yet very sophisticated. This year we go on seeing the rebirth of rich, strong tones; intense, vibrating colours will be fundamental in interior design. Let’s make a virtue of necessity: reinvigorating nuances will be necessary to make our house a cosy place which is also creatively stimulating.


Textiles and Printings: a detail is enough to change a whole room

Besides painting the walls with the colours you prefer, it is good to focus on textiles, paintings and printings. Never underestimate the importance of a curtain or of a set of cushions strategically placed, when they are of the right colour. Some jewel tones like ruby and sapphire or earthly nuances like saffron will also enrich your palette.