Tempus fugit Large custom

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2. Upload your photo

Use a photo portrait or a photo collage to get the best customization.

Height (min-max): 2000 px - 4000 px
Width (min-max): 1200 px - 4000 px
File max weight: 10 Mb

Be sure to upload only high resolution images (at least 150 DPI).

>Need more help? Read the Wizard

3. Move your photo

You can adjust your uploaded photo by dragging it upon the Tempus Fugit silhouette. Move the photo to the left, to the right, up and down or try to zoom it using the icon at the bottom-left corner of the photo.

Tempus fugit Large custom

Tax included

The wall clock by L'Oca Nera gives a touch of color and creativity to any interior. A concept that rethinks the marvellous shapes of the pendulum clocks of the 19th century to create an original and contemporary design clock. Tempus Fugit Custom allows you to personalize the decoration of the clock by uploading a verticial photo or a collage of may photos. Combined in a series of three or more subjects, it transforms the interior décor creating an atmosphere of eccentric elegance.

Digital print on melamine panel.

Wall clock completely made in Italy by L'Oca Nera. Digital print on melaminic board.

LARGE (W x H x D): 47 cm x 170 cm x 2,8 cm

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